Product Acceptance Receipt

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1. Custom orders

1.1 A sketch or Picture Example will be provided, highlighting design style and dimensions.

1.2 We require a signed acceptance of final job card on either our job card approval slip or in a email message, which is also acceptance of our terms and conditions.

1.3 A maximum of 2 changes to the job card and drawing design process, after which a design fee of 5% becomes applicable.

1.4 Quotations are valid for 30 days.


2. Payments

2.1 50% Deposit is required before work has commenced – this secures all material costs and labour fees for the project.

2.2  Balance payable before delivery.

2.3  All goods remain the property of Creator Creations until fully paid for.

2.4 Failure to settle the balance due 30 days after invoice, a 10% storage fee will become applicable for a maximum of 30 days. After which product will be sold to defray the cost and refunded after items are sold, less storage fee.


3. Turn-around time

3.1 Turn-Around time is approximately 4-6 weeks unless arranged otherwise. All work is hand-made and started from scratch, the wood and materials for the job need to be ordered first and then our work in building the product(s) commences. The time frame will also depend on how busy the workshop production is at the time of your order, however, this will be communicated to you within the ordering process. Should you have a deadline, we can perhaps arrange this but cannot be guaranteed and will also require an additional rush fee.


4. Order cancellation

4.1 Orders may be cancelled if production has not begun and the deposit paid will be refunded.

4.2 In the event production has begun, 50% deposit paid will be forfeited.


5. Deliveries

5.1 Items must be unwrapped and checked in the presence of the delivery team. Should there be anything wrong with the items or any damage during the delivery, this will be witnessed by yourself and the delivery team. An email will be sent to the purchaser to verify that you are satisfied with the product(s), upon response via email constitutes acceptance of the items delivered.

5.2 Please ensure you are present when the delivery is made, so you yourself can do the actual inspection whilst the delivery team is still present, if you aren’t able to be there in person and should the item(s) need to be returned for any reason, a call-out to re-collect will be charged.

5.3 It is imperative to ensure access to your property by way of gate access, size of doorways, passageways, steps, lifts and walls. If this has not been communicated on placing of order necessary changes will be charged to alter/ change/ remanufacture items to fit into the applicable space intended for.

5.4 Upon delivery, if our product does not meet your standards according to what was on the job card –50% will be refunded.

5.5 If there are any complaints regarding the product(s), and according to the job card specs the fault lies with Creator Creations – they must be stipulated to us within 5 day(s) of the delivery date to be eligible for a refund or for us to repair free of charge.


6. Care and maintenance

6.1 Care for indoor furniture with regular furniture spray.

6.2 All outdoor furniture made of solid wood needs regular oiling with good outdoor oil.

6.3 Do not place any hot items on melamine, veneer or wooden surfaces.

5.4 All outdoor furniture must as much as possible avoid direct exposure to rains and sunlight. If you can place them undercover, please try and do so to ensure furniture longevity.

6.5 Wooden items being a natural product, will be susceptible to expansion and contraction especially with the fluctuating hot and cool temperatures. Softwoods such as pine / pallet pine wood (softwoods) have a higher risk of cracking due to the higher absorbency.

6.6 Please ensure beds are not jumped on and are handled with care – the beds are not meant to be jumped on, we cannot be held liable to damage made on beds due to jumping. We build the beds to withstand up to 120KG.

6.7 If there is any damage to the item(s) after the day of delivery and acceptance, we cannot be held liable for that damage and there will be an additional cost for call-out and repair work required.


7. Wood Choices

7.1 Please ensure you are fully aware and well informed of wood type choices unless you rather opt for a veneer / laminate instead of solid natural wood.

7.2 Pallet wood / Pine wood in particular – if you opt for the cheaper options such as pine or pallet pine (recycled wood) they are lower in cost for the reason that they are softwoods thus not as durable and withstanding compared with any of the other hardwoods.

7.3 Veneer/laminate options also pose risks of the inside material being chipboard to be susceptible to swelling if exposed to moisture, for instance, so please also be sure of the choice to use one of these materials depending on what the purpose of the item being built will be and what would be most suitable.

7.4 All wood types have different structures, grain and properties so be sure that you select the preferred wood type for the purpose of the item you want to be built.

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